I guess I should say thanks for sticking with me this far! Well, what to write about oneself when you aren’t a total narcissist???

I am originally from County Durham and have been living in Newcastle / North Tyneside since 1998 after moving up here for University and never leaving. Falling in love with landscape photography felt like a natural progression from being very much an ‘outdoorsy’ (that’s not a real word is it?) person. I was always that annoying kid who was constantly slowing everyone down to take photos of everything. Then I got some proper camera equipment and started slowing everyone down even more! You can check out my landscape stuff on www.paulnelsonphotography.co.uk if you like. 

Even though I often find myself out and about on the fells or the coast on my own with my camera, I’m also quite fond of people and tend to get along with them quite well too(!). After putting in the hours being a second shooter and photographing weddings for friends and family I eventually decided to set up my own wedding photography business and have enjoyed every minute of it (well, mostly). 

I offer contemporary professional wedding photography with a documentary feel to it. I’m unobtrusive (as many of my client testimonials will show you) and blend into your day, but I also put the hours into the planning process before your big day to ensure that I capture all of the most important moments throughout the day. 

I use my skills in landscape photography to capture great wide shots in your chosen location. I also capture those unique candid moments, showing you and your loved ones enjoying your wedding. Most importantly, I allow you and your guests to enjoy YOUR day. We’ve all been to weddings when the photographer is overbearing and that’s just not me. Your wedding day is not a portfolio building exercise for your photographer. Working closely together we can establish what you would like from my service and make sure I deliver it to you. 

Please do check out the services that I offer and examples of my work